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BPNI’s website is an access point for people to gather correct information on appropriate infant feeding from our parent’s corner in eight Indian languages. Several state governments have ordered the parent book and have utilized it as part of their skilled counseling kit for their health workers. The parent’s book is available in printed format as well with a minimal cost. BPNI take procurement orders and disseminate thousands of publications on no profit no loss basis in public interest. Doctors, nurses and health professional also procure the book for their patients and clients from BPNI. 

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Parents Book - English Parents Book - hindi Parents Book - Punjabi
Kannada Telugu Assamese
Parents Book - Kannada Parents Book - Telugu Parents Book - Assemmee
Gujarati Oriya
Parents Book - Gujarathi

Contact us to purchase book. Cost Rs. 35 only. Buy 10 books and get 2 free.

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